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What We Do and How We're Compensated

We construct written generic retirement plan recommendations based on our analysis of information provided by you.  This process generally involves 3 meetings (data gathering, plan presentation & plan clarification) over the course of several weeks.  This get-to-know one another process helps to determine the viability of a long-term relationship.  No specific recommendations are offered during this process.  $395 fee payable at third meeting

If you request specific recommendations, we schedule 2 additional meetings.  (Presentation & clarification) over the course of several weeks.  We do not require implementation of any of these specific recommendations.  If investment or other services are not desired, the relationship will terminate after the fifth meeting.  No additional fee required

Investment supervision fees are deducted monthly or quarterly in advance from the investment account(s) based on the value of each account at the end of the prior month or quarter.  Fees are generally shared with other investment advisers and Cambridge Investment Research Advisors (CIRA), an SEC registered investment advisor.  As investment advisor representatives of CIRA, we generally retain a larger portion of the fee.  In exchange for our portion, we provide many services in addition to investment supervision. 

Examples of such wealth management services include:

  • Assist your attorney(s) with estate planning and other legal matters
  • Assist your accountant(s) with tax preparation
  • Assist other family members
  • Negotiate sales or purchases and fees of other advisors
  • Provide education updates on regulations and other financial topics
  • Review objectives and recommend changes if deemed necessary
  • Review financial documents
  • Review outside investment recommendations


Our goal is to assist you with multiple financial concerns on an all-inclusive-as-needed bases. 1.5% annual fee (0.125 monthly), (0.375 quarterly).  ($250,000 recommended minimum) (Negotiable for assets in excess of $1,500,000)

For services not including investment supervision: $250 per hour with a 5-hour annual minimum

Fees may be deductible depending on circumstance (Please consult your tax professional) We may recommend insurance products for investment, long-term care and estate planning and will usually earn additional compensation if you opt for our participation in the implementation.

We believe retirement is a process that involves much more than just investment planning. We have written a brief book titled Realistic Retirement for Realistic People: Look before you leap. It’s written in simple terms to help you map out your retirement. Please provide the following information to receive your complimentary email copy.

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