Market meltdowns are feared by most investors whether working or retired. Expect them and make them work for you instead of against you. Economic recessions and depressions don't care about your retirement. They'll continue to exist and dare you to accurately predict them. It's up to you to diversify your assets with regard to both time and volatility. If you have enough assets to provide a reliable stream of income you are less likely to fear market declines. Instead, you may begin to regard them as buying opportunities. Strategically diversifying for both time and volatility may help you:

  • Control your fear when market meltdowns occur. It's just a question of when?
  • Subdue your greed when markets bubble. It's just a question of when?
  • Allocate immediate income needs to small-volatility small-thrill investments
  • Allocate later income needs to large-volatility large-thrill investments
  • Buy low and sell high the assets you don't currently need for income
  • Realistically determine the return you need to combat inflation

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