Comprehensive retirement planning includes investment selection, cash flow needs, tax considerations, risk management, legacy and philanthropic planning and coordination with government and employer provided benefits.  Many retirees focus on investments and neglect other equally important areas of their retirement plan.  We broadly support our ideal, qualified clients throughout retirement with our GAINE RETIREMENT® process.


 Gather Data         

 Analyze & Plan    

 Implement Plan     

 Nurture the Plan   

 Enjoy Retirement  


Our process includes:

Investment Management

We construct and monitor retirement income portfolios based on time and asset diversification.  Less volatile investments are selected for immediate income while more volatile assets are applied for late stage income.  It's extremely difficult to buy low and sell high if immediate income needs are jeopardized.  Clients have centralized access to portfolio information.  We conduct periodic reviews of actual versus expected return and volatility.  Accounts are updated as circumstances change.

Cash Flow Management

We consider taxation when selecting investments to liquidate for future income.  Large unexpected expenses or windfalls are applied to our lifetime income models in order to determine the impact of these unforeseen circumstances.  We assist as a go-between involving large purchases and sales.  We further assist with the income needs of aging parents and adult dependents.

Risk Management

We examine disability, group, health, life, lifelong-term care, and property and casualty insurance for recommendations to share with insurance professionals.  We meet with them on an as needed basis to coordinate risk retention and transfer.

Tax Management

We monitor income and estate tax changes and provide projections for discussion with tax professionals.  We assist tax professionals with information required to prepare returns and meet with them when necessary.  We monitor and assist with required minimum distributions and contributions from retirement plans.

Legacy and Philanthropy Management

We examine estate documents and offer projections and recommendations for review with legal professionals.  We meet with legal professionals as needed and help implement their recommendations.  We monitor legislative changes and review business continuation agreements, beneficiary designations and asset ownership to help avoid costly mistakes.  We analyze income and estate tax advantages of charitable gifts and meet with foundation and development officers as needed.  Investment advice is provided as needed for charitable trusts and foundations.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Management

We analyze and run calculations designed to maximize Social Security benefits.  In addition, examine health care supplement protection and meet with insurance professionals as necessary.  During long-term illnesses, review the necessity for Medicaid assistance and support the family in their efforts to provide support and care for their loved ones.

Employer Benefits Management

We review Summary Plan Descriptions of employer provided retirement plans and other fringe benefit packages.  Coordinate these benefits with other available resources to provide a clear picture of how all of the pieces work together.  We are available to assist with management of assets prior to and following retirement.  Analyze distribution options to maximize benefits and assist with distribution formalities.

The above and additional services are available as needed throughout retirement.  We enjoy acting as a complimentary sounding board to help family members and friends of our ideal clients.  This value-added service deepens existing and creates new mutually beneficial relationships.

We are primarily compensated by fees deducted from manged investment accounts and the satisfaction of working with like-minded, realistic friends.  The majority of our clients are retired executives or professionals with a minimum of one million dollars of retirement income assets.  They share our attitude, philosophy and realistic objectives and are advocates of the GAINE RETIREMENT® process we provide.

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