We focus on time tested fundamental principles to help our clients plan for a retirement lasting longer than 30 years.   However, the client/advisor relationship will never survive that long without seeing eye-to-eye on values and methods. We accomplish this via our GAINE process:


 Gather Data         

 Analyze & Plan    

 Implement Plan     

 Nurture the Plan   

 Enjoy Retirement  


The initial step in our compatibility process is a complimentary 1 hour get-to-know you meeting.  If the initial meeting goes well we offer 1 of 2 written analyses to further explore working together.  This planning stage requires 2-3 meetings over 3-6 weeks. 

The comprehensive retirement analysis includes the investment analysis, however, the investment analysis is offered separately. 

The fees ranges from $400 to $1,200 based on the analysis chosen and complexity of the data presented.  The fee is determined at the outset and payable upon presentation of the written analysis.  If rapport exists after the initial planning stage we offer one of two ongoing services.  The all-inclusive retirement service requires a $250,000 minimum and the annual 1.5% fee (Negotiable above $1,500,000) is deducted monthly from investments.

The investment-supervision-only service, included in the retirement service above, is available for clients with a focus on investments.   The minimum requirement is $150,000 and the 0.95% annual fee, also deducted from the investment monthly, is negotiable for amounts above $1,000,000. 

Life and health insurance licenses are maintained for client convenience.  Fee offsets may apply for clients requesting this service.  A summation of the one-time fee analyses and ongoing fee-for-service programs follow:

Retirement Analysis

Designed to provide the big picture.  Incorporates Social Security, investment, income tax, estate and insurance analyses.  Projections, including inflation, are made for a minimum of 30 years.  Investments are analyzed to reveal inside and outside expenses in addition to historic return and volatility.  Estate documents and asset ownership is reviewed for subsequent discussions with your attorney.  Income tax projections are included for follow up discussions with your accountant. Property & casualty, long-term care, annuities and life insurance are reviewed for discussion with your various agents.

Investment Analysis

Shows how all of your investments work together.  Summarizes inside and outside expenses.   Analyzes actual historical returns and volatility for all types of existing investments and retirement plans.  An important step in formulating investment strategy for retirement income.  This analysis is also included in the retirement plan described above.

Retirement Service

Investments are continually monitored in relation to income and growth objectives.  Income tax, estate, risk management and insurance planning are all incorporated on an as needed basis.  This all-inclusive fee for service includes meetings with other advisors and family members without additional cost.

Investment Service

This is included in the retirement service described above.  It requires a lower fee and minimum for clients that wish to limit assistance to their investments. 

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